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Founders and owners Charlie and Dwight Butler are excited to see that, even with some rainy days, our new 80 panel solar array makes our net energy usage zero!


Hurry in! Quantities are limited!

Where and why it all began. Our story of Wasatch Touring’s birth and life.


It all started with a snowstorm. My brother and I hopped on a plane with a couple of friends from high school to ski Utah’s famous powder snow. It was April 1968. The headlights illuminated nothing but snow flakes as we made our way up Little Cottonwood Canyon. By the time we arrived at the Peruvian lodge, the road up the canyon was closed. As the avalanche danger grew, the Alta village closed, and interlodge was put in place. We spent our first day at the Peruvian Bar soaking up tales of deep powder skiing and watching Alf and Svere Engen share old-time ski movies. The next morning, the canyon was still closed. The mountain was all ours – with 48 inches of snow in the last 48 hours! This was a classic Wasatch snowstorm. We were changed that day, as we bounded through over-the-head champagne powder.


Growing up in Minnesota, we knew about cross country skiing but only in the rolling terrain and on the frozen lakes. During breaks from college, we would make our way back to the mountains at every opportunity. Our search for untracked powder led us to ski touring, using light wood skis and leather boots to find skiing that could only be accessed by human power. Charlie had an idea that would change our lives forever – return to Utah and open a backcountry specialty shop with rental skis that would allow us to share with others the thrill of skiing in the Wasatch backcountry. In the fall of 1972 we loaded a Chevy panel truck and moved to Salt Lake City to open Wasatch Touring, the first backcountry ski shop in the state of Utah. This yearning to return to the mountains and share more adventures charted our course for the next four decades.First we only sold Nordic skis and closed the shop in the summer. We worked construction to make ends meet but continued to explore Utah’s diverse landscapes with bikes, kayaks and backpacks. After three winter seasons, we made the decision to stay open year round. A demo fleet was established in every sport so that we could test out what was new each year and share the fun with others. With the help of a knowledgeable staff and tools, we developed a shop that can service repair & fit almost everything we sell and use to access our local trails


Over the years we have seen the styles and gear change. What has not changed is the Wasatch Touring mission: “To share the joy of exploring Utah’s trails, rocks and waterways.” Our passion for outdoor adventure, our commitment to the community and our love affair with Utah will continue.


“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” Edward Abbey

Dwight & Charlie Butler, owners, founders and managers of Wasatch Touring.

Keep your gear lasting longer, and running smoother.



Deluxe Tune $40

Includes base clean and grind, edge sharpening minor base repair and hot wax

Hot Wax $20

Includes base clean and hot wax

Stone Grind $20

Clean base and stone grind (no wax)

Skate Ski Base Prep $35

Hot scrape and UNI hot wax and finish

The Works (nordic skis) $50

Hot scrape, Hot wax (3 layers), Hot box and finish

Alpine Touring/Telemark Binding Mount $45

Quiver Killer Mounts $90, plus parts

SNS, NNN, 3-Pin Binding Mount $35

Skin Trim $15 - $30

Skin Clean & Reglue $75

 All parts included. 

Skin Clean $20

Boot Riveting $15 per rivet

We can fix your boots! We stock replacement parts for Scarpa and Garmont boots.  Parts not included.

Boot Heat Mold $30

Free with purchase of boots!

*additional services available at technicians discretion


Standard Tune $50

Clean: frame & drive train. Adjust: headset, hubs, bottom bracket, derailleurs. True and tension rims. Lube: cables & chain. Parts not included.

Major Tune $70

Standard service plus: drive train removal and cleanse in solvent tank & detailed frame clean. Parts not included.

Overhaul $110

Standard and Major Service plus: rebuild of all bearings & replace all housing + cables. Parts not included.

Brake Bleed per lever $25

Bleed caliper, hose & lever. Lube pistons. Recommend pad replacement with all bleeds. Parts not included.

Fork Rebuild - price varies

Fox forks/shocks only. Full disassembly, replace seals, and replace fluid. Parts not included.

Bike Build $60

Professionally built, and tuned.  

Box Bike $30

Professionally boxed and padded. Materials included. Shipping not included.

Standard Bike Fit $35

Seat, height, & stem.  Free with purchase of a bike!

Pro Bike Fit $65

Seat, height, stem, & shoes.

*additional services available at technicians discretion


If it can be fixed, we will fix it!

Wasatch Touring has been repairing swift water gear for over 30 years!  We service dry tops and bottoms, kayaks, paddles and more!

*additional services available at technicians discretion

Offering you the best brands.


Not sure you want to jump in? Check out our demo’s before you buy.



Telemark or AT Gear1 Day2 DaysExtra
Skis Only$25$45$20
Boots Only$20$35$15
Poles Only$5$9$4
Splitboard (with skins)$35$65$30

Extras1 Day2 DaysExtra
Climbing Skins$10$15$5
Neos Overshoes$5$10$5

XC / BC No-Wax Skis1 Day2 DaysExtra
Skis Only$8$15$5
Boots Only$8$15$5

Skate Skis1 Day2 DaysExtra
Skis Only$10$15$5
SNS Boots$10$15$5
Skate Poles$10$15$5


Bike Rental1 Day2 DaysWeek
Rental Road$25$45$125
Demo Cyclo-cross$35$65$175
Demo Road$50$90$250
Rental Hard Tail Mtn.$25$45$125
Demo Full Suspension$50$90$250

Paddle & Camp

Whitewater & Touring Kayak1 Day2 DaysWeek
Kayak Package$40$75$200
Inflatable Tandem Package$40$75$200
Boat Only$30$50$150
Hard Shell SUP$40$75$200
Inflatable SUP$30$50$150
Life Jacket$5$10$25

Camping and Climbing1 Day2 DaysWeek
Sleeping Pad$2$4$10

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Check out our Facebook page for our monthly newsletter and upcoming events!


Founders and owners Charlie and Dwight Butler are excited to see that, even with some rainy days, our new 80 panel solar array makes our net energy usage zero!


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