Arva Arva Neo+

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The Neo+ Beacon boasts a digital range of seventy meters, making it the burliest beacon in Arva's extensive collection. This triple antenna beacon is fine-tuned for efficiency, with a simple on-and-off switch, a button for burial marking, and a search-to-send switch that you can turn on and off while still wearing the included the harness. The harness, by the way, is unlike any other harness for beacons. It's a plastic case that you can slip in and out quickly, and it prevents turning the beacon off when it's tucked away. The beacon will automatically switch from search to send after four minutes of no mobility, just in case you get caught in a slide while searching for buried victims. In search mode, the Neo+ can also alert you if you're about to pass the beacon you're searching for so you don't have to backtrack.

Arva's burliest beacon with the widest range of 70 meters

Group check process is quick-and-easy at the start of the tour

Multiple buried indicators (4+) with marking function

Automatic switch back to transmit after four minutes of no movement

U-turn alarm alerts when you're about to pass a buried victim while searching


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