SALOMON Demo Salomon Snowscape 9 skin+PSP

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The faster you go, the farther you get, and the farther you get, the more peaceful you feel, so strap into Salomon's Snowscape 9 Skin + PSP Ski and gain mileage. Designed for cross country touring, the Snowscape sports a shorter length than most Nordic skis so you can maneuver through natural obstacles with ease. What makes the Snowscape a skin is Salomon's SkinGrip+ which applies subtle traction underfoot to give you that extra boost so you can get more mileage with each step.
  • Durable cross country touring ski built for fitness enthusiasts
  • SkinGrip+ mohair skin glued to the base for better glide
  • Camber optimizes grip contact at the kick zone
  • Densolite 3000 core made with carbon for lightness and stiffness
  • Protective foil adds anti-scratch, anti-oxidation, and UV protection
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