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1 - NEW 2015 hull shape improves river running and play Smooth rocker for speed, higher edges for stability, looser hull for more fun

2 - NEW super-surfing planing hull shape Wide enough to plane on small features, tapered ends carve and release like a narrow boat

3 - Sure-Lock Backband System All-day comfort that’s instantly adjustable from the cockpit with no metal parts to rust, break or lose.

4 - Added Stability thanks to Side Walls The extra flair in the side walls give you great secondary stability. Lean it on over as the design will give you extra confidence so you can paddle on edge easier.

5 - Lots of Leg and Foot Room For taller paddlers to fit and let average paddlers to wear real shoes instead of booties.

6 - Easy to Roll That higher side-wall really helps enhance the end of your hip-snap!

7 - Added Stability and Maneuverability The higher bow rises over holes and waves so you can stay in control in the rapids

8 - Blunted ends make it easier to cartwheel No excess length or volume to push through the water.

9 - Go Pro Ready - GoPro Comes equipped with a Go Pro mount on the bow so you can show your friends all the action.

10 - Nalgene Bottle - Nalgene US made, JK logo’d and BPA-free and designed to last for years - just like your kayak!

11 - Composite Reinforced Hull Support System So your hull stays rigid and flat after years of use and impacts.

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