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1 - Total Versatility

Total versatility: class 2-4+ whitewater, occasional flatwater use, overnight/multi-day capability, easy to learn to paddle in, easy to roll. Also the person who wants only one boat in their quiver.

2 - High Hull Performance

Here's where we separate from the others. A stable, predictable hull with a strong link the Karmas, including really good initial stability but also great whitewater capability.

3 - Classic JK Whitewater Outfitting

All the ease of adjustability of JK whitewater boats, and the convenience and safety of Jackson Kayak's standard whitewater outfitting including our back band, comfy seating and adjustable paddling.

4 - Uni-Shock Bulkhead

To make this a true whitewater exploration kayak, we have added our Uni-Shock bulkhead for added safety. This feature and the new hull design bring the level of whitewater it can run up.

5 - Deck Storage

Deck lines at both bow and stern allow for convenient storage of items you need at a quick reach.

6 - Yakattack Tracks - YakAttack

Yakattack tracks allow you to add any number of accessories for your adventure. Using RAM mounts you can add GPS systems, smart phones, fish finders, cameras, cup holders and more.

7 - GoPro Ready - GoPro

Capture the moment right out of the bag with our pre-installed Go Pro Bow Mount. Just snap yours on and Simply hit record to watch your technique through the rapids!

8 - Nalgene Bottle included - Nalgene

Made in the USA, our custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with Jackson Kayak logos and will last for years to come - like our kayaks

9 - Stern Storage

Designed for multi-day whitewater and flatwater excursions, the stern hatch provides ample room for packing gear. NEW this year is the implosion proof Hard Hat available as an accessory to keep your gear secure through harder whitewater.

10 - Sure Lock Back band system

This simple system uses ropes and cleats for a secure, instantly adjustible fit - right from your cockpit! With no metal parts to rust, break you’ll spend more time on the water, as if a rope breaks you’re just a quick square knot away from paddle securely once again


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