Atomic N SHIFT MNC 13 Black/Wh SH110

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Until now, backcountry skiers could choose between two styles of alpine touring bindings. Either they could go with tech bindings for a lighter weight on the skin track, or they could get a frame alpine touring binding with DIN ratings for a reliable release on the downhill. While tech bindings lack those release ratings, and frame bindings weigh more than resort bindings, Atomic's Shift MNC 13 Alpine Touring Binding brings the best of both worlds. It's the one of the first ski bindings that's Multi-Norm Certified for boots with both tech pins and DIN release ratings. Sure there are a few hybrid bindings with tech toes and DIN-rated heel pieces, but the Shift is the first with a toe piece that's tech and DIN-rated. With this binding, you get the lightweight efficiency of tech bindings for the ascent, and reliable release ratings for a safer descent.

The Shift requires you skin in tech mode. Simply flick switches on both the toe and heel pieces to engage the toe's pins and activate the heel's walk mode. In walk mode, the Shift's pins provide the same walking stride and touring efficiency as any tech binding. There's also a heel riser to assist with the skin track's steeper sections. Without a frame, the Shift only weighs a mere three pounds, which isn't as light as ultralight tech bindings, but they're certainly lighter than alpine touring bindings and those hybrids with DIN heels and tech toes. After reaching the top of the skin track, you can flick those same switches on the toe and heel pieces to clip back into the binding like it was a regular alpine binding. The toe piece's 47mm elastic travel gives this binding a rugged DIN rating of thirteen, so feel free to ride the backcountry as rowdy as you'd ride the resort, knowing full well that you can release safely when you fall.

Touring binding with high performance in both hike and ride mode

MNC accommodates tech, alpine touring, and standard alpine boots

DIN holds a reliable release rating of thirteen

Adjustable toe height allows switch between different boot norms

Lightweight design has wide platform for lateral power transmission

Low profile chassis enhance power transmission to the ski

Self-retracting freeski brakes stay out of the way when not needed


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