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Scarpa's best-selling women's-specific AT boot that redefined backcountry performance, the redesigned Gea pairs the same gold-standard balance of uphill and downhill skiability with updated features that make it an even better all-around performer. Completely renewed in each part, Gea represents the essence of ski-tourer passionate. The thermo-formable inner boot offers the best feet customization allowing great comfort and performance in any ski trip. 

  •  Axial Alpine EVO construction system - marks a standard in the alpine touring boots, studied to be the best in terms of lightness and comfort. Working together with the Evo Tongue, the system guarantees the best performance.
  • The Evo Tongue - Made of Pebax®, it has a geometrical and specific design in the medial flex area. The flexible top edge allows an easy fit and a natural walking.
  • Grilamid® Shell and Cuff - with mono-injected technology, this special polyammide offers a good compromise between stiffness and rebound; allowing a gradual transmission of the impulses from the boot to the ski during the ski phase.
  • Speed Lock Plus - The ski/walk mechanism is easy to unlock and lock, thanks to the spring that improves the functionality of the lever. The system is enhanced by the Friction Free technology, in fact there isn’t any connecting rod between the shell and cuff, this allows a “friction free” movement during the walking phase.
  • Wave Closure System - made exclusively for SCARPA®, the Wave delivers two buckles security without the weight penalty. A single instep buckle works in conjunction with an equalized cable to provide a uniform and secure shell closure, resulting in unparalleled fit and performance.
  • Thor Buckle - This new buckle is constructed in magnesium alloy that is both strong and light. Its essential design offers an easy handling while wearing gloves.
  • Web Frame Design - Specific sunburst design on the heel area that alternates different thicknesses of the shell’s walls. This design offers enough support in the key area of the boot – where the forces are stronger – while saving weight where the thickness is not crucial.
  • Air Ventilation - Ventilation areas on the cuff, laminated with OUTDRY® technology. This combination of design and layers (metallic net + PU film + light jersey) allows the air to circulate while keeping the liner dry at all times.
  • HRS Strap - The particular design “EVO V-FRAME” of the cuff stiffens the rear part, by increasing the transmission of force in the movement of forward flexion of the leg.
  • Thor Rack - located on the cuff it is designed to efficiently wrap the tibial area during both the walking and the skiing phases. The first reversed tooth is designed to keep the buckle ring in position while the Tour-Lock lever prevents the ring to open up completely.
  • Before the skiing phase, simply change the position of the buckle ring in one of the other four teeth and quickly lock the cuff with the Thor buckle. The extended design of the rack improves the distribution of the closing pressure, each teeth offers a 7mm adjustment.
  • Power Strap Lite - The Velcro® strap closure provides the best wrapping on the tibial area, without adding a lot of weight. Equipped with a strong and light aluminum ring, the Power Strap Lite offers perfect support against the tongue, avoiding the rebound from the top part of the boots.
  • Safety Strap Anchor - When you don’t have the ski brake on your binding, the Safety Strap Anchor allows you to easily leash your skis to your boots at all times, to avoid the skis to run away. Easy to use with any ski leashes available.
  • Finger Strap - Made with a specific design at the end of the power strap. It simplifies the opening and closing of the power strap even when wearing gloves.
  • Asymmetric Spoiler XT - Offers a customizable support on the backside and helps an advanced forward lean, thanks to its adjustable height.
  • Range of Motion - Total degrees forward and back of the cuff compared to pivot point of the boot.
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