Atomic Shift MNC

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The striding efficiency of tech bindings is a requirement for those who have tried them. But there is a class of skier that demands zero compromise on downhill ski performance or release safety. If that sounds like you, Atomic (together with Salomon) has finally solved your dilemma. The Shift MNC is an alpine binding that has tech pins hidden in the toes so you can have the best of both worlds. If you’re a high-level free-skier or just want the most tibia-protection available, you will be thrilled by this innovative binding. The elasticity and proven release mechanism of alpine bindings are undeniably attractive, but solutions to getting uphill efficiently with those are few and far between. Now you can flip a lever in the toe and deploy some tech pins so you can skin with a natural stride and arrive with fresh legs. Those stronger legs can huck, slash, and otherwise throw the skis around on the descent, all with an alpine-style release. The Atomic Shift MNC is a great option for resort (it really is a full alpine binding), side-country, and even backcountry skiing if your priorities align. If you don’t like to hold back in nasty conditions, like to seek out big air, or are prone to nasty falls, the Shift binding should be at the top of your priority list.

  • Fully DIN-certified alpine binding removes the speed governor.  10 DIN or 13 DIN
  • Efficiency of a tech binding on the uphill with stashed toe pins.
  • Multi-norm toe-piece broadens the range of boot capability.
  • ISO 9462 alpine and ISO 13992 alpine touring certifications.
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