Voile 23/24 Women's Hyper Manti

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These are far more than a powder ski. They’re absolutely capable of capturing the whimsy of a hallmark winter whiteout... But with edges deployed, the Manti are skis engineered for a swift response and an authoritative turn.

The early rise tip and gradual tail rocker effect a tolerant and playful performance, and they’re paired with a sidecut that is prepared to act decisively when put on a de-cambered edge. The result is a ski that intuitively magnifies the intentions of its pilot, whether those aims be graceful and surf-like or precise and assertive.

Thanks to the weight shed by a svelte paulownia core, the Women’s Hyper Manti conserves your power during long uphill pursuits. That said, it’s best to cross the starting gate with time to spare; with legs this fresh you’ll find yourself rationalizing “just one more” lap.

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