Dynafit Radical 107 Ski Burgundy

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The new Dynafit Radical 107 Ski is a strong and powerful big mountain touring ski, perfect for those hard-charging alpine descents in soft to variable conditions. With a longer turn radius and 107mm underfoot width, this ski will charge hard while still remaining plenty playful, nimble, and stable for the backcountry freeride skier.

The new Dynafit Radical 107 Ski is the perfect mid-winter touring ski for the skier looking for a strong and powerful companion for hard-charging descents. The 100% poplar core, fortified by Dynafit Carbon Speed Stringers and full sidewall, provides impressive stability and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth ride and precise control even on steep and variable terrain. The ski's 107mm waist width caters specifically to backcountry skiers who prioritize powder and off-piste adventures, striking the ideal balance between sufficient floatation in deep snow and agility through tight tree runs. 

The Radical 107's 1700g weight allows skiers to cover greater distances with less effort than other skis in this performance category, making those long ascents to those untouched runs more manageable. A skin tip notch pairs with the tailor-made Dynafit Speed Skin, and allows users to easily transition from walking to skiing without having to remove your skis.  

A newly designed rocker profile and direct power transfer ensure the Radical 107 is one of the hardest-charging backcountry skis on the market, all while the excellent power-to-weight ration continuing to provide an excellent uphill experience so you can keep the fun going, lap after lap. 



  • 100% Poplar Wood core and Carbon speed stringers provide a damp and powerful ride in a wide variety of conditions
  • 21.5m turn radius (181cm) for big sweeping turns on the downhill
  • 1700g weight keeps the uphills efficient
  • Skin tip notch accommodates pre-cut Dynafit Speed Skin
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