Dynafit Radical 97 Ski

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Playful, nimble and yet very stable – The new Radical 97 touring ski for men makes the hearts of descent-oriented touring enthusiasts beat faster. It provides pure ski fun in the snow in all kinds of conditions. Its light construction with 100% poplar wood core and the time-tested DYNAFIT carbon speed stringers allow you to save your energy on the climb so you can give it your all on the descent. A modern sidecut and the newly developed rocker at the tip and tail together with a balanced flex for optimum performance characteristics transform this ski into the perfect companion for untouched powder, steep couloirs, and diverse descents. Even in demanding ski conditions or when wearing a heavy backpack, you maintain full control and execute perfect ski turns. The slightly raised tip lends improved turn initiation and easy float. The full sidewalls guarantee direct power transfer to the edges for best performance and stability on both soft snow and hardpack. Radical 97 – for unforgettable powder and downhill fun.


The Dynafit Radical 97 W Ski's weight of 1450g places it firmly in the hard-charging touring category and is perfect for lady skiers on the hunt for a damp and energetic ride in their touring setup. With a 100% poplar core and Dynafit Carbon Stringers the Radical 97 W will feel very familiar to skiers coming from more traditional resort skis, but still offers a fantastic power-to-weight ratio that ensures you'll have plenty left in the tank for those hard-charging backcountry descents. Additionally, the skin tip notch on the tip of the skis allows for pairing with the tailor-made Dynafit Speed Skins for quick transitions from uphill to downhill.

At 97mm underfoot the Radical 97 W is versatile enough to excel in a wide variety of conditions. A newly developed tip and tail rocker provides sufficient float in all but the deepest powder, allows skiers to easily initiate turns, and modulates between large, medium, and small radius turns. A balanced and energetic flex ensures a responsive feel on the snow, while the 19m radius underfoot provides ample grip in firmer conditions.

With its outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the Dynafit Radical 97 W Ski is perfect for lady skiers looking for a versatile quiver-of-one.



  • 100% Poplar Wood core and Carbon Stringers provide a damp and powerful ride.
  • 1450g weight (170cm) saves energy on the climb
  • 97mm width is versatile for all kinds of terrain and conditions
  • Skin tip notch accommodates pre-cut Dynafit Speed Skin
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