S/Max eSkin +Shift-In Binding 23/24

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The Salomon S/Max eSkin is a lightweight skin ski with carbon wrap on the tips and tails to provide torsional rigidity adding more energy transfer into the kick. With a skin that is 100% mohair you are getting a skin that balances kick and glide to offer an easy kick while still providing optimal glide.

*Includes Shift-In Classic bindings compatible with NNN/Prolink boots


Race skin skis perform best with a clean/treated skin and glide waxed an iron.  Skin cleaner removes dirt while skin care improves the performance of the skin.  Glide zones require hot waxing to maintain top performance.  Liquid waxes can be used as a supplement or a top coat but will not replace hot waxing.  It is common to get a grind on new race skis, all ground skis will ship with base hardener ironed in unless additional wax service is purchased.

**All skis ship without wax unless additional wax or grind service is purchased

***Skin life dependent on frequency of skin care applications and snow conditions

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